Feb. 17, 2009. Meeting with Village of Hensall Book club

Feb. 17, 2009. Meeting with Village of Hensall Book club

Susan Windle invited a lively group to the back room at the Hensall Public Library to chat with Rick about his book, his favourite authors and his approach to writing. The event ended with informal conversation over cakes, cookies and drink.

Rick was thrilled to see that many of the club members already had copies of ‘Death at the Bend.’
The group also spent some time considering how Jack Beer might go about solving his next case. And in an interesting sidebar, Rick noted that he decided to borrow the name ‘Beer,’ a common family name from the Hensall area, soon after he created his protagonist.

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  1. I don’t mind that its more producer dreivn. This isn’t bad. It’s just different. The producers are as much of a musician as the musicians themselves. Many albums become a collaboration. Take beck’s modern guilt for instance. The producer had such a massive effect on the album .and it rocked. The traditional producer still has his niche market but its nowhere near what we see from the producer/musician.Put a talented producer with a talented musician and the collaboration is both fresh and incredible. Look at our lady peace and bob rock! Now there is some magic .just kidding. The stuff he did for them was awful and generic as hell.

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