Jack Beer eBooks

Jack Beer eBooks

I’m pleased to make an exciting announcement. My publisher, Fauxpop Media, recently published two of my Jack Beer mysteries, Death at the Bend and Collingwood Fakeout, and my short story collection, The Garnished Truth as eBooks.

These eBooks are available at a price of $7.99 through Amazon for the Kindle, iBookstore for the iPad and Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

But if you want your purchase to go straight to the author you can also buy these eBooks at $6.99. Simply put ‘fauxpop’ in the coupon field to get the discounted price.
In either case, the path is the same – enter the ‘Buy Now’ tab to place an order.

Since I began writing three or four years ago, I’ve attracted a good number of loyal Jack Beer fans. But, so far my readership is largely regional. While this gives me a great feeling, I can’t help but want to share my books with as many readers as I can. However, it’s difficult to reach a wider following. So, I hope that those of you who enjoy my work might help me spread the word.

If you know people who you feel will enjoy my books and if they’re using e-readers, please let them know about the exciting new step I’ve taken to bring Jack Beer’s stories into the 21st century (and perhaps to the rest of the world).

And if you personally enjoyed any of my books, please consider saying so on the website or with one of the providers.

By way of thanks, I will forward one of my favourite short stories from the Garnished Truth for your enjoyment. You can get in touch with me at jrhundey@sympatico.ca

Best wishes


  1. Chiquita Phillips

    Hi, I’d really like to read one of your ebooks, but I have a Kobo. Any chance of the books being available in that format soon-ish? Thanks

  2. Kerry L. Buzzell

    I have a Kobo as well, any chance that maybe your books will be available in that format? I was all set to go to my Kobao site and I saw the above message from Chiquita. Let us know and I know I am going to purchase all three when it is a go?????

  3. Hi Rick !! Just downloaded your ebook Murder at the Bend for my Kobo reader…… only thing missing is the author’s signature on the cover page !!! I bought a hard copy (signed) of Collingwood Fakeout from you when you had a tiny table set up outside the bookstore in Bayfield a few weeks ago. We had a nice chat and I LOVE your writing and I am falling in love with Jack Beer. Will post about you and your books on my Facebook page….. doing my part in getting you better known outside our locale. And by the way, you setting that book in Collingwood made me determined to book a girls’ weekend there next year for the Elvis Extravagansa …. thanks again !!

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