Where is Jack going?

Where is Jack going?


A reader, Bill, asked if Jack Beer and I both live in Grand Bend. We don’t (I’m from nuts and bolts Exeter not far from the sexy Bend). But in answering Bill, I realized that Jack’s cases will always be limited in number and diversity because of the weak crime market in Grand Bend. Which explains, in part, why Jack decided to look into the disappearance of an Elvis Tribute Artist in Collingwood Fakeout and then, why Jack is delving into chicanery in the oil and gas fields around London Ontario, in Reliable Rumours, a novel now in draft.

I’m thinking for his next book, Jack will go to Windsor, where he grew up, to dig into a family mystery.

But, then where?

Does the Caribbean make sense? Consider:

While visiting a 3.5 star resort, Sheila angers a retired British military colonel type by nestling into the shade of a palapa which the colonel and his snooty wife had ‘reserved’ with beach towels. Sheila would have left the beach hut for the older couple, “if it wasn’t for their frigging high-brow accents,” is how she put it. There are no winning percentages for Jack whether in fighting the old man (he asked Jack ‘to meet him out back’) or in walking away, tail between his legs. Either way he looks bad. He fights the old guy and gets beat up – how does that look? Or he beats the old guy to a pulp – same question. He walks away – what’s that mean? He’s afraid of the guy?

So Jack does neither.

After the two women finally leave in respective huffs, Jack and the colonel stubbornly sit under the hut, waiting for the other to say ‘uncle’ first. They end up sitting all day. Eventually, the colonel’s bladder can’t take anymore and Jack wins.

But the intrigue deepens – the colonel turns up dead in the water, surrounded by 6 or 7 jellyfish. Jack is drawn in to investigate when suspicion falls on Sheila (because of the stolen shade incident).

Confession – there’s a grain of truth to this Caribbean ditty.

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