NEW! Crude Business: A Jack Beer Mystery

Just Released: Crude Business: A Jack Beer Mystery

Charlie, a WWII vet, has hired part-time private detective/Grand Bend coffee shop owner Jack Beer to find his missing grandson, a crude oil geologist. But before Jack can get started, an associate also turns up missing. Are these men whistleblowers run afoul of fraudsters in the cut-throat world of oil exploration? Or have they themselves run off with the spoils of skullduggery?

And what do biker gangs and the Russian mafia have to do with Jack’s investigation? Or the sociopath who is trying to kill Jack’s friend, Tiny Cole?

Overwhelmed, out-gunned and tripping over himself as usual, Jack teams with girlfriend Sheila to save his friend and close the case, upsetting police departments and muckymucks along the way.


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