Online Ordering Now Available

Online Ordering Now Available


  1. How exciting – congratulations !!!

  2. I’d like to know more about your book… can you please email me?

  3. I woul like to order one copy of “Death at the Bend”.

    Thank you

  4. Currently, the best place to get a book is from the author, who will be signing books and giving a reading at the Exeter Public Library on November 22.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Hope you enjoy the book.


  5. Congratulations, Rick! I look forward to reading your “masterpiece”. Continue to live your dream!

  6. I would like to order a signed copy of “Death at the Bend”.
    Hey Rick, anything in the book about our adventures at the Pinery?
    Looking forward to it.

  7. Congratulations Rick….can’t wait to get my hands on the book! Best of luck.
    Heather and Hamid

  8. Congratulations, Rick, on this literary accomplishment! I am ordering my copy right now, and look forward to reading about the goings-on at the Bend.

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